Where there's NEVER a cover!

1/2 mile inside loop 410
8134 Broadway St
San Antonio, TX 78209

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"A friendly atmosphere with a unique design. Twisted metal and a lounge like feel make this place a favorite of the Alamo Heights crowd. The Rebar bar is almost always packed and has a great outdoor patio Bar where one can sit back with a cold beer and enjoy the crowd. Whether you are inside or out you will not be disappointed."

- www.wcities.com


Henry and The Invisibles Halloween Blackout Bash
$2.75 Miller light and Coors light. $4 Jack $4.50 Cucumber shots
Throwback Thursday w/Dj Ceejay
$2.75 Dos xx and Corona, $3.75 Pinnacle Flavors, $3.75 Rootbeer or Big Red Shots